We CREATE & ANNOUNCE special offers – seen on TV Screens – daily – all done for you

EasyTVOffers Video Ad Production

Get a new TV Video Commercial on air every 30 days

We do ALL the work for you:

  • including scripting, voice-overs and video production for your, business, promotions and offers.
EasyTVOffers Video Ad Production

Be seen on TV, Daily and within 72 hours

We get started on your video production, immediately:

  • Your video will go live within three days once we confirm your business, content, and objectives – all accounts undergo vetting / verification, routinely.
EasyTVOffers Video Ad Production

Simple Membership Model to Join

You can sign-up in less than 5 minutes:

  • Simply describe the the details of your business and promotion – conditions apply – and once your account is approved, we handle the rest.
EasyTVOffers Video Ad Production

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Once your campaign is active: if your, video commercial does NOT recieve at least 5,000 TV spots within 30 days, you can request a full refund.

Take advantage of this cost-effective approach to marketing and reach your, targeted, audience with your TV, video commercial.

EasyTVOffers Video Ads

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONSBoost your brand with video advertisement.

EasyTVOffers will convert your content into a, professional, video to explain your service & how YOUR customers can contact you!

It’s that simple – Yes, we do all of the work to promote your brand FOR YOU – based on the zip codes or radius you select to service.  Take advantage of this cost-effective approach to marketing and reach your, targeted, audience with your TV, video, commercial.

We produce TV commercials of “special offers” & get it shown on nearly every connected TV screens within a local area – DAILY.

Track Your Results...

With ads on cable network TV you have to guess the actual results.

With us, you’ll get 'Real-Time' reporting which will show you the number of TV spots per day - down to the hours of each day - so you know you’re getting your money’s worth!

This is for you, if...

You are a local business

You’re not getting as many clients or customers as you’d like.

Your business needs a jump start to more revenue.

You don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising.

You need a big ‘Bang For Your Buck’ alternative.

What You Get… (all done for You)

A brand-new, fully produced, TV commercial every 30 days

Your TV commercial seen on 100's of TV spots - every single day!

Real time reporting

Establish your visibility either based on, select, Zip Codes or Radius.

One-time Setup fee, $2,000 - FOR NEW BUSINESS SIGN UPS

You choose your local zip codes or radius to dominate!

No contract to sign.


A.M. Khan, Principal Owner

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