EasyTvOffers Standard - Worldwide FIVE mile / kilometer Radius Package

EasyTVOffers Standard 'Five mi / km Radius' package for USA & Worldwide businesses. Total Amount Due today - 'Video Production' Setup Fee of $2,000 along with $1.00 Activation Cost. Subscription fee NOT due for Five days!

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EasyTVOffers 'FIVE mile / Kilometer Radius' Plan

Get your, video, commercial in front of thousands of viewers via their smart tv based on a, five mile or kilometer, radius that you select with your subscription.

EasyTVOffers will, immediately, start the process to gather your offer details to begin construction of your video.  Yes, we work to get your video ad out to the masses within 72hrs once all requirements confirmed with you.  Let’s get Started – EasyTvOffers.

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