Business TV Video Ad Examples

See some of the, tv, video ads that EasyTVOffers create for clients and get them shown, daily, within their ‘selected’ demographics based on their chosen plan.

We serve local businesses that want to easily share their messages or promotional offers on, connected, TV to vast demographics and audiences.

View actual video tv ads from members, below – you can have your, video, ad to promote your business & increase your brand awareness.

EasyTVOffers TV Ads

NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS – We have available slots open if you looking for a cost-effective, targeted, solution to increase your brand awareness with your custom-made, video, TV ad – to which we will get your video commercial (ad) displayed in select zip codes or radius of your choice, DAILY!

A.M. Khan, Principal Owner

We produce TV commercials of “special offers” & get it shown on nearly every connected TV screens within a local area – DAILY.

Track Your Results...

With ads on cable network TV you have to guess the actual results.

With us, you’ll get 'Real-Time' reporting which will show you the number of TV spots per day - down to the hours of each day - so you know you’re getting your money’s worth!

This is for you, if...

You are a local business

You’re not getting as many clients or customers as you’d like.

Your business needs a jump start to more revenue.

You don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising.

You need a big ‘Bang For Your Buck’ alternative.

What You Get… (all done for You)

A brand-new, fully produced, TV commercial every 30 days

Your TV commercial seen on 100's of TV spots - every single day!

Real time reporting

Establish your visibility either based on, select, Zip Codes or Radius.

One-time Setup fee, $2,000 - FOR NEW BUSINESS SIGN UPS

You choose your local zip codes or radius to dominate!

No contract to sign.


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