How Do We Get Seen On Local TV Daily For Just $10 Per Day?

The answer is probably sitting in your own home. Let me explain…

There’s an alternative way to get on TV. It’s MUCH cheaper than simply buying airtime on a cable network.

Did you know that almost 80% of US households have an internet-connected TV?

This includes:

Think about it. Do you or any of your friends own one of these devices?

Now it’s finally possible to target these devices.

We are using the power of Google’s very own Video Ads network to show our TV commercials to all internet-connected TV screens in their local area for just $10 per day.

The owner and developer of Easy TV Offers, AM Khan, is also a Google partner and has rigorously optimized the platform to take full advantage of the single, most largest untapped CTV/OTT advertising inventory in the US according to Dec 2020 article from emarketer. We are the only company that has this formula and our members benefit enormously!