1) Which channels/stations will I be seen on?
– Anywhere in your local area that is playing YOUTUBE on a their TELEVISION SCREENS. Streaming YOUTUBE on TV screens ranks the 2nd largest right next to Netflix

2) What times will my TV commercial air?
– It is 24/7 and we share you the breakup of each commercial and time slots in our weekly report to you.

3) Is there a separate cost for TV commercial production?
– No. It is included in membership. Every 30 days, members can request a brand new TV commercial.

4) How are you able to get it for so cheap?
– YouTube Commercials on connected TV has the largest untapped CTV inventory on the planet

5) Is this just YouTube only?
– Yes. This is YouTube on TV screens only. 2nd largest next to Netflix

6) Is this just for Google TV only?
– Any smart TV playing YouTube app

7) Do you have case studies?
8) Is there a long term contract?
– No. It is month to month and you can cancel any time. Zero Long term contracts.

9) What’s the catch?
– There is NONE.

10) How long has Easy TV Offers been around?
– Since Sept 2020

11) Can I see some video examples?
– Yes – Go to OUR WORK

12) Do I have any control of video production?
– You are allowed 2 revision edits under our guideline.

13) What kind of video commercials do you create?
– Primarily 15 sec & 45 sec – Go to OUR WORK

14) What makes your video commercial work better
– Hyper local, direct response & branding

15) Is there a demo?
– Yes – Go to WATCH DEMO

16) Is Easy TV Offers affiliated with Google?
– No. Easy TV Offers is a Google Ads Partner & is no way affiliated with Google Inc

17) Is Easy TV Offers a certified Google partner?
– Yes.

18) Once I become a member, how long does it take to set up?
– 48 hours.

19) How long does it take to go live for members?
– It takes 24 hours to go LIVE after TV commercial is approved by client

20) Do you have any guarantee?
– Absolutely, we provide real time reporting. If we do not deliver 5,000 TV spots within 30 days, we refund in full. No questions.

Want to see what your TV commercial will looks like at NO CHARGE TO YOU?

– No credit card needed.
– No upfront commitment.
– Easy qualification process.
– Limited time offer.
– No contract ever.