Why Join our Affiliate Network?

Many have asked this question and during those, increditable, conversations, we always see the shock in their eyes when we advise:


Because our network reach more people than any cable network can with alot less, Advertisting, cost.


The platform being used has 1.3 BILLION users and 5 BILLION video streams, per day!

There are 2 major benefits for targeting every single connected TV screen in a local area.

1.You can enjoy the benefits of a large screen advertising.
Forget tiny phone screens. Business ads will be playing on ultra-wide flat screens with a razor-sharp picture and pristine sound. Studies found that larger screens lead to a more intense viewing experience and people pay more attention to them.

2. A single view doesn’t mean only one person saw it.
Many people gather around the TV. While businesses are reaching thousands of people already – the real numbers are much higher… and aunt Susie who was just walking by has probably seen it too.

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