We’ve built a system that turns offers into television commercials that automatically gets distributed to targeted TV Screens on the largest TV ad platform on the planet.
There’s a way to get on TV and its much more cost-effective than simply buying airtime on a cable network.

Whether kicking back with a movie or kicking a fitness routine into gear, more and more people are choosing to experience YouTube on the big screen. When they do, they can watch longer, enjoy multiple shows back to back, and experience it all from the comfort of their couch with friends and family. Many even build a routine around it. In the U.S., over 120 million people streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens in December 2020.

With a quarter of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers watching primarily on TVs, the living room is becoming an essential place to drive incremental conversions with new audiences.

Did you know that almost 80% of US households have an internet-connected television in their home? Plus, what about those individuals that are on-the-go and connecting to their TV apps via the Internet?

Yes, all these users are potential viewers that can see your TV commercial that we deploy for you!

YouTube is the No. 1 over-the-top (OTT) platform in the US when it comes to penetration among OTT video service users, with market share of 95.5%, per our estimates. Additionally, YouTube was found to be the No. 2 streaming service when it came to total hours spent watching content on CTVs in the US, according to Comscore OTT Intelligence.

YouTube viewers are pivoting to TV screens as their method of choice for watching content, a trend that experienced significant growth before and during the height of the pandemic.

We have many video testimonials and success stories from members around the world.

In short, our users simply input details of their special offer- and within 24 hours of approval, their offer goes live on TV every single day. We also include a brand new TV commercial.

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