Our mission is to empower local businesses to create promotional offers frequently for display on local connected TV ads- easily and affordabaly. Through our membership model, local businesses can feel that they belong to a progressive mission.

We serve local businesses that want to easily share their messages or promotional offers on local TV. Our membership portal allows local businesses to enjoy the experience of local branding & direct response at its best without lifting a finger. We create the video commercials and get it distributed to connected TV screens daily within a specific radius from business location. Its an all-done-for-you model. Each members’ TV commercial we produce gets shown to thousands of local connected TV screens nearby. The membership model we have developed is by far the most effective and the most affordable BIG SCREEN local advertising on the planet!

We easily convert local business offers to television commercials on local TV screens for just 10 bucks per day with 3 zip codes. Never has it been this easy, this fast & this affordable to be on local TV screens. Our members simply tell us what their offer is and we easily convert them into local TV commercials. Our members also get a new TV commercial every 30 days absolutely free as a member of Easy TV Offers.

We are the only company that can do this and we are here to serve our members and build immense future value by passing along any savings and scaling based on value attribution.

As a member of EasyTVOffers, It only takes less than 5m to tell us what your offer is and we do the rest. Complete TURN KEY!